Foam Case Inserts

Foam Case Inserts


We can produce foam case inserts for a variety of industries, in a number of different grades of foam.

Packaging case inserts or plastic tool carry cases, tool draw liners.

Inserts can be produced either by CNC machining or Laser cut.

Foam case inserts can be produced in any quantity, small or large, and with a quick turnaround for sampling, proofing etc.


If you have a requirement please email a drawing (if available dxf file) or description of the product you require, along with the quantity and any further details.


case 1

If you have  a plastic tool case but no outline drawing, please supply the make and model number of the case (usually stamped into the base), and then supply a sample or drawing of the contents you wish to place in the case.


Inserts manufactured from certain grades (eg Plastazote LD33, LD45) can also be engraved with product details, part no. etc



There are a wide range of colours available in the Plastazote range which is a very popular grade in most applications.